Welcome to St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church!

Come and be our guest.  We won’t single you out and make you uncomfortable, but we will greet you with a warm smile and a handshake.  We are all here for the same purpose: to worship God.

Sunday Morning Worship:

9:30 AM – Worship with Holy Eucharist Rite II with Children’s Sermon and Kids’ Word 10:30 (‘ish) AM – Fellowship follows our worship and sometimes lasts almost as long!

Monthly Healing Service:

We also offer a Healing Service with Eucharist on the first Wednesday of each month at 7PM   photoUpon entering the worship space you will pass a baptismal font with water in it.  Water is an important symbol in Christian worship and is symbolically placed at the entrance of the worship space to remind us that we first enter into life with Christ by passing through the water of baptism.  This is Holy Water blessed by our priests for religious and devotional uses.  It may symbolize purification, blessing, dedication, and renewal of Baptismal Covenant.  Those who wish, may touch the water with their fingers, placing a drop of it on the forehead while making the sign of the cross on the forehead, chest and shoulders. As you take your seat, you will notice that the cross and the altar are central to our worship.  They remind us that we come to give thanks and worship and also that we will be fed.  There are candles that will be lit, symbolizing the presence of Christ. Easter 2014 St. Patrick's 012Worship in the Episcopal Church is liturgical, that is, we follow a liturgy out of a prayer book.  This prayer book is simply and appropriately named, The Book of Common Prayer, as it is a book used by everyone, not just the priests.  In front of each seat there will be a red Book of Common Prayer, a hymnal, and a yellow music book called Alleluia III.  We use all of these in our worship and the bulletin will guide you through the service.  Please don’t hesitate to ask someone sitting nearby for assistance… we want you to get the most out of the worship. You will notice that some folks kneel, while others sit.  Some make the sign of the cross on their forehead and over their heart.  Many bow in reverence to the cross as it passes in procession.  In general, we stand to sing, to hear the Gospel read, and to affirm our faith saying the Creed.  Other times we may kneel or sit. In the middle of the service we share the Peace with each other.  You will see us giving each other handshakes and some will hug others as we feel like family to each other.  If hugging is not for you, we will offer a handshake!  Now, it might feel like the service is over at this point… but it is not…  The best is yet to come!  We celebrate the Eucharist (Holy Communion, The Lord’s Supper) each Sunday morning and we find it to be a time of great thanksgiving and joy.  We welcome all at the altar and all baptized are invited to receive communion.  If you prefer not to receive communion, please feel free to come to the altar for a simple blessing from the priest. (and yes… we do celebrate the Eucharist with wine.) We hope that you will find our liturgical worship meaningful in its timeless beauty and thoughtfulness. About the children….we welcome children to be a part of worship at St. Patrick’s!  It is our desire that children get the most out of their worship experience and feel welcomed and connected.  You will notice a small basket as you pass the nursery (on the hallway as you enter the church).  It contains items to help your child connect in worship on their level. After the Gospel Reading the children are invited to come forward for a children’s sermon and afterward they are invited to participate in a special, age appropriate, worship experience we call Kids’ Word.  They return and join their families for the rest of the service at the time of the Peace.  In their time at Kids’ Word they hear a re-telling of the Gospel in an age-appropriate way, and then participate in liturgy tailored to them.  ***Children are always welcome to remain in the service.  If you would prefer your young one to be cared for in our nursery, the nursery is open for children age 4 and under during all Sunday morning activities.