Feed My Lambs Food Deliveries

Each Month on a Saturday morning a group of faithful ones gather at St. Patrick’s to deliver food bags that have been donated by parishioners of St. Patricks and Church of Our Saviour to some of our neighbors in St. Augustine who need help.  Below are some photos of some of the deliveries.
IMG_0127 IMG_0128IMG_0099

IMG_0092IMG_0090 IMG_0087

IMG_0086 IMG_0085IMG_0083

IMG_0074IMG_0072 IMG_0064

IMG_0062 IMG_0058IMG_0055

IMG_0052IMG_0050  IMG_0044


IMG_0041 IMG_0039IMG_0038

IMG_0035IMG_0033 IMG_0027

IMG_0016 IMG_0013IMG_0012


IMG_0006 IMG_0003

IMG_0001 IMG_0087

IMG_0089 IMG_0067