Feed My Lambs Food List


Please do not purchase any extra large or giant sized items. This is emergency food for a few days, not a whole month, and these larger sizes also make it difficult to pack items in one bag and too heavy for our delivery team to carry. Thank you for supporting this important ministry!

  •  Please put all groceries in one doubled brown paper bag. Bags can be dropped off at St. Patrick’s: Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays from 8 AM – 1PM.
  •  (1221 State Road 13, St. Johns, Florida 32259 – between Race Track and Roberts Roads)
  •  (If you cannot bring them at those times or if the door is locked, please leave the bag on the side sidewalk.)

_____ 1 Box Cereal, oatmeal or grits
_____ 1 Box Pop Tarts, granola bars or snack pack crackers
_____ 1 Snack pack fruit, raisins or dried fruit mix
_____ 1 Jar P-Nut butter *
_____ 1 Jar jelly *                    *_____ OR 1 Jar P-Nut Butter/Jelly Combination
_____ 1 Can tuna or Spam
_____ 2 pkgs Ramen Noodles or other soup
_____ 2 Boxes Mac N Cheese, or 1 bag/box rice or instant potatoes
_____ 1 Large can spaghetti, lasagna or ravioli
_____ 1 Can baked beans, or 1 bag dried beans, peas or lentils
_____2 Cans vegetables

Your donations are appreciated.  Please understand that this collection is specifically for families that have been referred to us through Crookshank Elelmentary and the Homeless Coalition of St. Johns County.  We do not have a food pantry on site.