I’m New

It is our hope that as soon as you enter the property you will feel the warm welcome of this parish family.  Here are few things about which you might be curious:


St. Patrick’s is a diverse church in so many ways and what we wear each Sunday is one of those ways!  Above all we want you to be comfortable.  You will find that some people will wear their Sunday Best (let’s face it our little girls do like to dress up!) while others will be more casual.  In the summer months, it is not uncommon to see shorts on the men and capris on the women, but if the suit and tie is your style you will fit in as well! (Word of warning… rumor has it the front two rows are the coolest, some will bring a light sweater while others will relish the A/C!)

When you arrive:  Parking

There is ample parking and none of the spaces are very far from the front door.  Visitors are invited to use the special welcoming spaces designated for Visitors near the building, but feel free to park along the fence, the building or even the playground.  For those who would prefer not to walk, the circle is available for drop off. Handicap parking spaces available as well.

Ushers and Greeters Will Welcome You

We don’t pounce, but we do want you to feel welcomed and are ready to answer any questions you may have.  Ushers will offer you a service bulletin and our Greeter can answer those questions. These people usually wear a badge to identify themselves. You will be invited to sign our guest book.

Service Times

Sunday morning worship begins at 9:30, we admit, though that if we see you driving in at 9:30 we will probably wait for you before we begin! We are quite relaxed and don’t want you to miss any part of our worship.  If you are running late, please come anyway! You can always join the worship after we have begun.  Ushers will be sitting towards the back of the worship space to welcome you.  Our Sunday service usually lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes. 

Location of Nursery, Offices, Restrooms and Worship Space

As you enter the building and pass Mother Ronnie’s office on the left and the Church Office on the right you will see the Restrooms on your right and the Nursery on your left.  Take a minute to look at our “Watch Our Children Grow” Measuring Board next to the nursery.  Grab a pencil and mark your child’s height if you’d like!  Through the double doors you will enter our small Fellowship area and then into the Worship space (it’s all one large space).


Once you enter the worship space, choose where you feel most comfortable. Here you will notice our diverse parish family, as some will be happily greeting and catching up with each other while some will be sitting quietly and praying.  Before the service begins, Mother Ronnie will invite the congregation into some silence to prepare our hearts for worship.


We follow the rich liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer and we sing our hymns either out of a Hymnal or Allelulia III Worship Music Book.  All three books will be under the chair in front of you and your bulletin will guide you and will include a sheet with the scripture readings for that day.  If you are not familiar with a liturgical style of worship, we believe you will find it meaningful as everything we do or say has purpose and the service flows from one piece to the next in a rythym that becomes very familiar.  There will be times that we all sit and times that we stand or kneel.  If you need guidance there will always be a friendly face nearby to point the way for you.  Just ask!  If you cannot stand or kneel, feel free to sit… just no sleeping unless you are an infant!

We Celebrate the Eucharist Every Sunday

At the center of who were are as a parish family is our celebration and receiving of the Holy Eucharist, also known as The Lord’s Supper or Communion.  It is our tradition that all are welcome at God’s altar and those who are baptized are invited to recieve Communion.  The Ushers direct us when it is our turn to come to the altar.  Some will kneel at the altar rail and some will stand. You will be offered both bread and wine. To receive the bread, simply place one hand on top of the other, palms open and up and the bread will be placed on your top hand.  To receive the wine, you may drink from the cup or dip your bread slightly into the wine.  If you prefer not to receive one or both simply cross your arms in front of you.  This will indicate that you prefer a blessing, which the priest will offer. After you receive, return to your seat.

The Peace and Fellowship

Our liturgy begins with music, scripture reading followed by a short Children’s Sermon and Sermon, at which time children are invited to goto Kid’s Word, if they choose.  The service includes a time when we pray for our needs and the needs of others, and an opportunity to greet one another and offer “The Peace of the Lord” to each other. Some will stay at their seats and offer this greeting to those close by while others will step out into the isle to greet, another way way are diverse. You will hear some joyful voices during this time as this is another opportunity for us to briefly greet others.  If your child has gone out to Kid’s Word, he or she will rejoin you at this time. After the Peace is exchanged and we have a few short announcments, we will proceed with the Eucharist.

After the service ends, we enjoy some refreshments together.  We hope you will want to stay for a few minutes, but if you need to be on your way, we certainly understand.  We are just glad you have joined us!

As You Leave

Please be mindful of our young ones as you drive off the property.  They are precious to us!

See you next time!