The ENIEH (Pronounced “Any”) Cards – A Message from the Rector


I received a big blessing on Monday when someone texted me to tell me they had done the ENIEH Card with the family the night before – it had just been introduced to the congregation that day!

The ENIEH (pronounced “Any”) Card is named as an acronym for Every Night In Every Home and is a program I offered to each person and family in my sermon last Sunday.  The program, or card, instructs every person or family to find an intentional time to go over the card, which suggests a simple, yet effective way to connect with God and with each other.

Think about this… why do you come to church on Sunday?  Why do you want your children/grandchildren in church each Sunday?   Perhaps your answer includes: to worship or to connect with others at church or maybe it has something to do with growing in your faith or helping the younger ones grow in their faith.  All of those are great and valid reasons… and these are not limited to Sundays, but often life gets busy and days go by without any real intentional time with God.

The ENIEH Card helps us not miss these very special opportunities.  It is simple, clear and do-able!  To explain the card:

The card has two sides.  One is for families and the other is for individuals.

There are Three (3) steps to do each night: Belong, Connect, Share:

Belong – Come together with your family.  Set an intentional time and place to do your ENEIH Card together (During dinner, before bedtime, etc…).   If you live alone, designate a specific place to go over the card.  Perhaps you would want to go over the card with a friend over the phone.  The key here is to intentionally acknowledge that you belong to Christ as a member of a family – the family of Christ!

Connect – Talk with each other… and listen.  Ask each other about their highs and lows during the day and share yours. (What went well? Successes? What didn’t go well? Disappointments?)  Don’t try to fix another person’s lows or diminish it… but be sensitive to it. Listen and acknowledge that it felt like a low.  Give equal time to the highs!  Ask each other where you might be able to see God in these highs and lows?  If you have children, help them to learn how to see God and be open to their interpretation of seeing God at work in their highs and lows.  If you live by yourself, be intentional about bringing to mind your highs and lows.  Journaling your thoughts might be meaningful for you.  Again, look for God working in your highs and lows.

Share – Share the blessing of God.  Pray with each other (short prayers work!)  Offer a blessing to each other.  For individuals, this can be a beautiful time to sit peacefully and ask God’s Spirit to fill you.  Simply be blessed.

If you need an ENEIH Card, they are available at church.

Several months ago I offered a word in a sermon and asked that it be one of our focuses as a congregation.  The word was Intentionality.  I pray that you are greatly blessed by your intentionality with the ENEIH Cards!


Mother Ronnie


Here’s what the ENIEH Card looks like – pick one up at St. Patrick’s!

ENIEH Card 1 ENIEH Card 2 - Individuals